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The 8051 has ________ 16-bit counter/timers.
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Amol Rore said:   6 years ago
What is the Significance of 16-bit size of PC & DPTR?

Sonakshi said:   7 years ago
Why is DPTR 16 bit?

Anjali said:   7 years ago
How many flags are in PSW of 8051?

Boo said:   7 years ago
Which output pins 8051?

Raghuram said:   8 years ago
The two timers are Timer1 and Timer0.

Balaji said:   10 years ago
Once the program dumped into the 8051 and removed from the kit does it retain the program.

Abc said:   10 years ago
PC - program counter.

DPTR - DATA pointer.

Santhosh said:   10 years ago
Please tell me what is the full form of PC & DPTR?

Narasimman raja said:   1 decade ago
The 8051 have 40 pin IC. It has 4 port. It also has 2 timer is available.

Debojyoti saha said:   1 decade ago
The 8051 has two 16 bit timer. This two timers are basically a 16 bit register. Which is incremented based on the clock pulse applied on it. The timers are accessible to programmer through the corresponding sfr registers. The main three function of counters are: 1. Producing a delay for a definite time. 2. Counting the transitions on an external pin. 3. Generating baud rates for the serial port.

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