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How long will it take to serially transmit the hexadecimal number C316 if the clock frequency is 1.5 MHz?

[A]. 4.69 ms
[B]. 4.69 s
[C]. 5.33 ms
[D]. 5.33 s

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Himanshu said: (Nov 29, 2010)  
Please answer this question

Karthick said: (Jul 29, 2011)  
Please give explanation.

Ankita said: (Aug 14, 2011)  
Please explain it.

Madhava Reddy said: (Jan 10, 2012)  
Time = (no of bits/frequency) = 8/(1.5*10^6) = 5.33 micro seconds

Srikanth said: (Nov 26, 2012)  
Given number is in hexadecimal then the no of bits should be 16, but why you can take as 8 bits. Please explain me.

Vipul Chaudhary said: (Dec 29, 2012)  
Here in this question the data are serially transmit right so we will conisder the bits.

Now, (c3) hexa decimal means (1100 0011) right that means no of bits is 8 and the value is c3.

Time = (no of bits/frequency) = 8/ (1.5*10^6) = 5.33 micro seconds.

Sagar said: (Dec 14, 2013)  
For Hexadecimal 16 is the base value. Not the number of bits.

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