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When used with an IC, what does the term "QUAD" indicate?

[A]. 2 circuits
[B]. 4 circuits
[C]. 6 circuits
[D]. 8 circuits

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Akshay Topre said: (Jan 3, 2011)  
In terms of IC, 2 indicates "Dual" &
4 indicates "Quad".

Kavita.Ancher said: (Jun 30, 2011)  
"QUAD" Means 4 so i select B is the answer.

Sindhukavi said: (Sep 17, 2011)  
Since generally quad means 4, I guess B is the correct option.

Sabari said: (Dec 30, 2011)  
Hpw did you mean by "quad" is 4. ? Please tell me any one.

Rashmi said: (Jan 16, 2012)  
Quad is a IC terminology and its value is 4.

Sathish said: (Jan 20, 2012)  
"QUAD" means 4.

Vishal said: (May 17, 2012)  
QUAD is a value for ic of 4

Suman Dey said: (Mar 19, 2014)  
In the case of IC. QUAD is used to indicate 4 and DUAL is indicates 2. That's why I select answer 'B'.

Girish said: (Mar 28, 2014)  
Ok, then what we will call for 6 circuits and 8 circuits.

Azhar said: (Jun 24, 2015)  
Quad is derived from Quadrant.

Akash Gupta said: (Aug 25, 2015)  
According to me Hexa for 6 and Octa for 8.

Aminazahra said: (Sep 28, 2015)  
QUAD means 4 so I select B as the answer.

Aminazahra said: (Sep 28, 2015)  
@Akash Gupta.

Hexa is for 16.

Kishore said: (May 31, 2016)  
Please tell me the list of IC terminologies.

Smit said: (Oct 10, 2016)  
Hi, please tell me IC terminologies.

Neetu Gupta said: (Jan 9, 2017)  
Please clarify IC terminology.

Nirbhay Rajpoot said: (Feb 5, 2017)  
A quad (pronounced KWAHD) is a unit in a set of something that comes in four units. The term is sometimes used to describe each of the four numbers that constitute an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Thus, an Internet address in its numeric form (which is also sometimes called a dot address) consists of four quads separated by "dots" (periods).

Pankaj Kumar said: (Mar 24, 2017)  
QUAD- Means 4 (in IC).

Arun said: (Aug 11, 2017)  
Thank you all.

Moses said: (Nov 28, 2017)  
Quad-means 4(ie. in IC quad represent 4 circuits, while in binary number system quad represents 4 bits).

Dimpu said: (Mar 1, 2019)  
As per my knowledge;

The IC Technologies are;


Am I right?

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