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The basic types of programmable arrays are made up of ________.

[A]. AND gates
[B]. OR gates
[C]. NAND and NOR gates
[D]. AND gates and OR gates

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Subho_999 said: (Aug 16, 2014)  
What is programmable array?

Monisha said: (Aug 10, 2015)  
A programmable logic array (PLA) is a kind of programmable logic device used to implement combinational logic circuits. The PLA has a set of programmable AND gate planes, which link to a set of programmable OR gate planes, which can then be conditionally complemented to produce an output.

Barani said: (Dec 8, 2016)  
Is that programmable logic array or programmable array logic? Let me know first.

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