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Discussion :: Logic Families and Their Characteristics - General Questions (Q.No.4)


Special handling precautions should be taken when working with MOS devices. Which of the following statements is not one of these precautions?

[A]. All test equipment should be grounded.
[B]. MOS devices should have their leads shorted together for shipment and storage.
[C]. Never remove or insert MOS devices with the power on.
[D]. Workers handling MOS devices should not have grounding straps attached to their wrists.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Anil said: (May 6, 2013)  
All CMOS devices should be placed on a ground bench surface and operators should ground themselves prior to handling devices since a worker can be statically charged with respect to the bench surface. Wrist straps in contact with skin are strongly recommended.

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