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In the decimal numbering system, what is the MSD?
The middle digit of a stream of numbers
The digit to the right of the decimal point
The last digit on the right
The digit with the most weight
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Md Shahin said:   6 years ago
Before I introduce the number systems that are more commonly used in electronics lets discuss a number system that we all are aware of and which we use it everyday.
The Decimal number system got its name because it uses 10 symbols (or popularly digits) for counting and performing operations. It uses the digits 0 to 9.
In this number system, the radix or the base is 10 since the number of digits used is ten. The general format of decimal number representation is shown below

104 --- 103 --- 102 --- 101 --- 100 --- 10-1 --- 10-2 --- 10-3 --- 10-4 ---> Weights
S4 --- S3 --- S2 --- S1 --- S0 --- S-1 --- S-2 --- S-3 --- S-4

MSD is a most significant digit (leftmost digit of a number)
LSD is the least significant digit (rightmost digit of a number)

Note: From this, we can observe that the MSD has the greatest weight and the LSD have the smallest weight.

Swetha said:   7 years ago
MSD is similar to that of MSB, most significant bit.

For example consider BCD code, or 8421 code number 12 is indicated as 1100. In that left most bit is 1 which has highest weight of 8, That is called as most significant bit MSB or MSD. Similarly, the least significant bit is right most bit that is zero which is of least weight i.e 1 (8421).

Laksalika said:   8 years ago
MSD means Most significant digit. It has the most weight.

For example: Let us take a number 1500. In which if you change the MSB (msd) as 2, then the number will be changed as 2500, where there is a large difference between them.
But if you change the LSB as 2 there is no large variation between them. So only the MSB has the most weight.

Cpkumawat said:   1 decade ago
In digital the weight-age of a bit is given by.

2^n i.e. if we start with left most digit it has highest weight.

32 16 8 4 2 1. Now we assume a number in binary is 11011.

So the MSB in this is left most 1 with weight 16 and LSB is right most bit with weight 1.

Swapnil said:   1 decade ago
MSD or Most Significant Digit is a concept in binary system where the digit in the leftmost part of the number to the left of decimal point is significant e.g.(10000.01)2 has 1 as the left most digit. So, 1 is the MSD here.

Vishal Srivastav said:   1 decade ago
MSD is the most significant digit in decimal number system which have the most weight in the same way as MSB(Most Significant Bit) in Binary number system.

GAURAV said:   1 decade ago
This is because as already been said MSB is the most significant bit, so it holds the most weight and moreover for writing any bit we move from LSB to MSB.

Sai said:   4 years ago
MSD stand for most significant digit as the full form suggest it denotes the digit which have the greatest impact on the number. It is same as MSB.

Shafi said:   1 decade ago
MSD means Most Significant Digit, LSD means Least Significant digit. Both are play main role in Digital electronics.

SUVEEN said:   1 decade ago

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