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The generic array logic (GAL) device is ________.
one-time programmable
a CMOS device
reprogrammable and a CMOS device
Answer: Option
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Anubhav said:   2 years ago
Also, E2CMOS is still CMOS.

Anubhav said:   2 years ago
GAL is PLD, only the L demarcation of GAL are CMOS. So, they aren't technically CMOS devices.

A CMOS device is something you make exclusively out of CMOS Fab.

MOS65C02 is a CMOS device MOS6502 is an NMOS device.

GAL16LV8 is CMOS, GAL16V8 is HMOS.

Namrata said:   3 years ago
It has electrically erasable CMOS.
(E2CMOS) cell at each cross point and it is reprogrammable.
The answer is B because this E2CMOS not CMOS.

Paul said:   5 years ago
So, the answer should b D - reprogrammable and a CMOS device.

Pavan said:   5 years ago
GAL-means reprogramming device.

Vatsala said:   7 years ago
It consists of CMOS. The output logic of GAL consists CMOS. I don't know if that means that the device is CMOS itself.

Remyags said:   8 years ago
If it is CMOS based, then the answer should be option [D].

Pranathi said:   8 years ago
If it is CMOS based then the answer should be option D? Can anyone please explain me?

Valmik said:   10 years ago
In simple word pull up means in low voltage input PMOS made desired high voltage and when high voltage input CMOS made desired low voltage.

Jayanti said:   1 decade ago
Pull up means whenever we give input low that time the pmos device will conducts, that time the capacitor becomes charges, while in nmos it is pull down means that we give i/p is high(1) then it will conducts capacitor will discharge.

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