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In positive logic, ________.

[A]. a HIGH = 1, a LOW = 0
[B]. a LOW = 1, a HIGH = 0
[C]. only HIGHs are present
[D]. only LOWs are present

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Bhavani.G said: (Jan 1, 2011)  
Always one represents high and zero represents low.

Saranya said: (Dec 10, 2011)  
Here only asking positive logic know. According to me my answer is only present high but here given first option.

Manoj said: (Dec 18, 2011)  
Actually the voltage levels are represented in low and high. Here we are having 2 logics one is positive logic and another is negative logic. If the signal is activating the circuit it is represented as LOGIC '1' and if the signal disable the circuit then it is represented as LOGIC '0'.

Negative logic is the inverse operation of positive logic.

Pankaj Guleria said: (Apr 13, 2013)  
In positive logic system higher of two levels is represented by one and lower level is represented by 0.

Sirisha said: (May 7, 2013)  
Positive logic means 0v = low, 5v = high.
Negative logic means -5v = low, 0v = high.

V.V.Jyothi said: (Jan 24, 2014)  

Positive logic means the voltage at LOGIC 1 has more than LOGIC 0.


If we take two voltages 0 and -5, for LOGIC 1 has 0 volts and LOGIC 0 has -5 volts.

If two volts are 5v and 10v then in positive logic 5v for LOGIC 0 and 10v for LOGIC 1.

Riz said: (Jun 19, 2014)  
The use of the higher voltage level to represent the Boolean value 1 and the lower voltage level to represent the Boolean value 0.

Saikiran said: (Aug 23, 2014)  
For positive logic, "1" level value > "0" level value and,
For negative logic, "1" level value < "0" level value.

Sindhu said: (Jan 22, 2017)  
For positive logic, It take two voltages +5v and 0v to represent the value 1 and 0.

Madhumitha said: (Jun 9, 2017)  
So why can't we choose the third option? There is only high.

Can anyone explain me?

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