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What is the major difference between half-adders and full-adders?

[A]. Nothing basically; full-adders are made up of two half-adders.
[B]. Full adders can handle double-digit numbers.
[C]. Full adders have a carry input capability.
[D]. Half adders can handle only single-digit numbers.

Answer: Option C


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Tanu Bhardwaj said: (Oct 10, 2012)  
Yes, half adders have only two inputs A and B. When we add two 4 bit binary number like 0001 and 0011, then half adder can not be used because if the first bit of both the numbers is 1, then the sum would be 0 and carry would be 1. But this carry can not be added with the second bits addition of the number. So, half adders are useless. But in full adders, one more carry input is present, so that, if carry of one stage is present, it can be added with the next stage as it is done in normal addition. So, therefore, full adders have a carry input capability.

Reshma said: (Aug 3, 2018)  
Thank you so much for explanation @Tanu Bhardwaj.

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