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The circuit given below has no output on Q1 when examined with an oscilloscope. All J-K inputs are HIGH, the CLK signal is present, and the Q0 is toggling. The C input of FF1 is a constant LOW. What could be causing the problem?

[A]. The Q0 output should be connected to the J input of FF1.
[B]. The output of FF0 may be shorted to ground.
[C]. The input of FF1 may be shorted to ground.
[D]. Either the output of FF0 or the input of FF1 may be shorted to ground.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Mann said: (Aug 26, 2012)  
Here, the output of FF0 and input of FF1 becomes LOW. So became Ground. (may be) /.

K Nanda Kumar said: (Jul 15, 2016)  
If FF1 inputs are shorted to ground, how output at Q1 changes? Please explain this.

Neeen said: (Jul 9, 2017)  
I don't understand. Please, anybody explain.

Chandu said: (Sep 26, 2017)  
B may be correct. By shorting inputs of FF1 how it will work?

Yashas said: (Apr 27, 2018)  
I didn't understand. Can anybody please explain this correctly?

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