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The different classes of relations created by the technique for preventing modification anomalies are called:
normal forms.
referential integrity constraints.
functional dependencies.
None of the above is correct.
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Elias joseph said:   6 years ago
Normal form is the basic procedure to aquire in order to remove anomalies in the database so as to make the well structure of your data and well difined in norm form there most three basic kind of norm which are 1NF, 2NF and 3NF.

Manoj Bhardwaj said:   6 years ago
The main motto of Normal form is to free from anomalies So the anomalies can be prevented through Normal form.

Keshav bhardwaj said:   6 years ago
I think referential integrity constraints also can be used to prevent modification anomalies.

Alok said:   7 years ago
Explain this answer please?

Kirti karadge said:   7 years ago
Please tell me the forms of normalization.

Rizni zuha said:   8 years ago
Can you some one explain for me?

Neha said:   9 years ago
Please make me understand these forms of normalization.

Suchismita said:   9 years ago
Normalisation is a technique which is used to design the best DATA BASE. It arranges the Data in the database in such a way that each database is redundant free, anomaly free & achieved data independence using different normal forms.

Different normal forms are 1nf, 2nf, 3nf & BCNF. Every database used 3nf. It is the best normal form. Because provides best decomposed relation having fully lossless join & dependency preservation.

Ansar said:   9 years ago
What about referential integrity constraints. Constraints are set of rules for deciding what data is going to be stored into the database or retrieve from the database. So while considering that point I think constraints can be used to prevent modification.

Manish choudhary said:   1 decade ago
Normal form used for remove the independence for data in the relation and normal form remove the duplication attribute from table.

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