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A relation is in this form if it is in BCNF and has no multivalued dependencies:

[A]. second normal form.
[B]. third normal form.
[C]. fourth normal form.
[D]. domain/key normal form.

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Priya said: (Feb 22, 2011)  

Adithi said: (Sep 8, 2011)  
4NF follows BCNF

Raku said: (Dec 30, 2011)  
What is meaning of 4nf?

Kuldeep said: (Jan 21, 2012)  
4NF means fourth normal form which follows the BCNF.

Shashi said: (Feb 14, 2012)  
For 4NF the realtionship must be in 3NF, and there will not be any multivalued dependancy.

Vishveya said: (Mar 7, 2012)  
What is BCNF ? and when relation will be in BCNF ? please explain.

Pramod said: (May 29, 2012)  
What is normal forms (NF)?

Deepthi said: (Jun 14, 2012)  
BCNF means Boyce-Codd normal form. Boyce-Codd is the name of the scientist.

Keshav said: (Sep 1, 2012)  
In normal form there is no any dependency b/w data.

Ephrem said: (May 16, 2013)  
What multivalued?

Ratna Tejaswi said: (Jul 24, 2013)  
If the relation is in BCNF that itself says that it is in the 4NF OR BCNF because it don't any partial or transitive dependencies.

Oshini said: (Aug 21, 2013)  
Can you please tell how to figure out that the relation is in which normal form?

Kvee said: (Sep 1, 2013)  
If it is in the BCNF form means, it is already in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd normal forms. Means, without fulfill all the requirements of 1st, 2nd, 3rd normal forms it won't go for BCNF.

And, 4th normal form will comes after the BCNF. So, BCNF no need to fulfill the requirements of 4th NF.

Girija said: (Feb 4, 2014)  
Ephram, if there is a there is a telephone no. As attribute and the subscriber has more than 1 no. Than it is called as multi valued hence ignoring such problem and also data redundancy problem normalization is used.

Rajesh said: (Jun 5, 2014)  
What is meant by descriptive attribute?

Sajana said: (Jul 30, 2014)  
I think its right answer is 3NF for 4NF multivalued dependency required.

Federik said: (Apr 21, 2015)  
4NF requires multi dependency right? How can a relation which is in BCNF be in 4NF? A 4NF relation can be in BCNF right?

Murli said: (Oct 27, 2015)  
Answer should be 3NF NORMAL FORM.

Manoj Bhardwaj said: (Mar 24, 2017)  
At relation is said to be 4th normal form if it is in BCNF and there is no multivalued dependency.


A drives B and.
A drives C.
But C and B are not linked.

Sanaullah Zehri said: (Feb 28, 2018)  
It should only have single(atomic) valued attributes/columns.

It should be in the 1NF.And, it should not have Partial Dependency

It is in the 2NF. And, it doesn't have Transitive Dependency.

It is in 3NF. and for every functional dependencyX->Y, X should be the super key of the table.

For 4NF
The realtionship must be in 3NF, and there will not be any multivalued dependancy.

It is in 4NF and it cannot be decomposed into any number of smaller tables without loss of data

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