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The DROP TABLE statement:
deletes the table structure only.
deletes the table structure along with the table data.
works whether or not referential integrity constraints would be violated.
is not an SQL statement.
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Mangesh Panchwagh said:   6 years ago
SQL "delete from table name" deletes all the data of the table where as "drop tablename" deletes data as well as structure of the table.

Debasish dutta said:   6 years ago
Delete command does not delete the segment but truncate command delete the segment.

Juliet said:   8 years ago
What is the difference between delete, truncate, drop?

Vineet Kumar said:   9 years ago
First read the statement C carefully. You are right but the right answer is B.

Shreya Jain said:   1 decade ago
Its true that DROP TABLE sql statement deletes table structure along with data but if integrity constraints exits in table such as in Table1, unique/primary key referenced as foreign key in some other table such as Table2 then Table1 cannot be dropped. As data of some column in Table1 are referenced or we can say used by some column in Table2, so if Table1 would be dropped, then how will Table2 retrieve data from Table1 when Table1 will be dropped.
Therefore, right answer is [C]

Surekha said:   1 decade ago
Delete Table deletes the table data.

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