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The SQL command to create a table is:
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Kharidi sadah said:   3 years ago
create table table_name(column_1 int,column_ 2 varchar(80));

Balasuresh said:   4 years ago
In SQL, to create a table, we use the keyword ''CREATE TABLE".

Raghunathchowdary.kolla said:   7 years ago
create table table_name(
column_1 int,
column_2 varchar(50),
coloumn_3 varchar(50));

Nitinkumar k jainapure said:   8 years ago
The command is CREATE TABLE command. It creates a table for a user.

Rohit sharma said:   1 decade ago
Triggers are fired automatically when we fire any query.

Livya said:   1 decade ago
SQL> create table <tabl_name>;

Madhu said:   1 decade ago
create table table_name(column1 data-type,column2 data-type,....)

By using above syntax you can create a table.
At least you have to mention one column name other wise it will some error
Table name can be any user defined name

Manche Shekhar said:   1 decade ago
The "create" command is used to create a database table.
They syntax is:
create table <tablename>(column1 datatype1(size),
column2 datatype2(size),
columnn datatypen(size));

Sanjay Kumar said:   1 decade ago
create table san
id number(9),
name varchar(9)

Raju said:   1 decade ago
The table will be created always by CREATE TABLE.

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