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How many JDBC driver types does Sun define?

[A]. One
[B]. Two
[C]. Three
[D]. Four

Answer: Option D


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Sreedhar said: (Oct 26, 2010)  
Totally 4 drives in java those are

1.jdbc-odbc driver

2.native api driver protocal driver

4.native protocal driver

Sasmita said: (Dec 3, 2010)  
3 drivers in java ie api driver
2.jdbc odbc driver
3.driver manager.samal.

Jaz said: (Dec 12, 2010)  
No @sreedhar is correct.

Rafik said: (Jan 7, 2011)  
Jdbc-odbc bridge driver.

Native API partly java driver.

Network protoclo java driver.

JDBC net pure java driver.

Nagarajan said: (Jul 1, 2011)  

Kiran said: (Oct 5, 2011)  
Jdbc-Odbc bridge driver
Native API driver( thik driver)
net protocal driver
Native protocal driver(thin driver)

G Satyanarayana said: (Oct 11, 2011)  
Totally 4 Drivers.

Type 1 Driver : JDBC - ODBC Driver : convert jdbc sql calls into odbc calls

Type 2: Native API drvier : SQL calls given directly to database

Type 3: Net protocal driver : Connection is provided by Server

Type 4: Thin driver . Third party vendors provided drivers are used here.

Ahamed said: (Jan 30, 2012)  
I think the four drivers described by SUN are

1. Mysql-jdbc Driver.

2. Jdbc-odbc driver.

3. Pointbase-jdbc driver.

4. Oracle-jdbc driver.

Manche Shekhar said: (Feb 16, 2012)  
Sun define four types drivers: They are
1)Jdbc-Odbc bridge driver
2)Native API party java driver
3)Net protocol pure java driver
4)Native protocol pure java driver

Chandrahas said: (Sep 8, 2012)  
Sun micro system provide four drives
1)JDBC-ODBC Bridge Driver
2)Native API/partly java driver
3)Net-Protocol/All Java driver
4)Native-Protocol/All Java driver

N.Rohithkumar said: (Aug 15, 2013)  
Sun proposed only-jdbcodbcbridge driver.

Jdbc native driver-dbvendor.

Jdbcnet protocol driver-middleware servers.

Jdbc native protocol-db vendor.

Raju said: (Apr 24, 2014)  

1) Required client side Installation.
2) Plate Dependent.
3) Performance Overhead.

Native API :

1) Required client side Installation.
2) Plate Dependent.
3) Performance Overhead.

Network Protocol:

1) Support more than on DB.
2) Less Performance.
3) 100% Pure JAVA Driver.
4) Plate independent.

Native Protocol:

1) DB dependent.
2) high Performance.
3) 100% Pure JAVA Driver.
4) Plate independent.

Pradeep said: (May 3, 2014)  
JDBC-ODBC bridge driver.

Native-API driver (partially java driver).

Network Protocol driver (fully java driver).

Thin driver (fully java driver).

Priyanka said: (Oct 1, 2014)  
I know only 1 driver JDBCODBC. I don't know other drivers.

Ash said: (Nov 21, 2014)  
Four JDBC driver types:

1. JDBC-ODBC bridge -> It employs ODBC driver to connect to the database.

2. Native API Driver -> It uses the client-side libraries for the database.

3. Network Protocol Driver (Middleware Driver) -> makes use of middle tier between the calling program and the database.

4. Database-Protocol Driver ( Pure Java Driver) -> converts JDBC calls directly into a vendor-specific database protocol.


Priya said: (Dec 20, 2016)  
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