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A subquery in an SQL SELECT statement is enclosed in:
braces -- {...}.
parenthesis -- (...) .
brackets -- [...].
Answer: Option
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Etenduk Jackson said:   6 years ago
You are correct @Pritam.

Subquery are statement enclose () for pre-definition.

Pritam Gupta said:   7 years ago
select * from emp where emp_id=123 AND (emp_name='abc ' OR emp_add='xyz');

Santosh Pakhare said:   7 years ago
Sub-query always enclosed in parenthesis i.e ( ).

Yash nahar said:   8 years ago
Could you please explain it in more detail?

Ankur said:   1 decade ago
select <column_name> from <table_name> where <column_name>=(select
<column_name> from <table_name2);

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