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The SQL keyword(s) ________ is used with wildcards.
LIKE only
IN only
NOT IN only
Answer: Option
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Argha Sarkar said:   5 years ago
Thank you.

Sufi said:   6 years ago
Thanks, Now my doubt on wildcard is much cleared.

Ramesh said:   7 years ago
Wildcard is special character is represent to another character.

Like as run* -->then result get out run, runing, runs.

Gayatri said:   7 years ago
A wildcard character can be used to substitute for any other character(s) in a string. SQL wildcards are used to search for data within a table.

For Example1:
SELECT * FROM Customers
WHERE City LIKE 'ber%';
//Displays table containing city starting with Ber...//

For Example2:
SELECT * FROM Customers
WHERE City LIKE '%es%';
//Displays table containing city ending with es...//

Lalitha said:   8 years ago
This notes really help to know about wild cards in SQL.

Divya said:   9 years ago
If you want to select persons name from persons table ending with d and starting with m,
Then use the syntax like this,

select * from PERSONS where personname like 'm%d';

Ex: mad, mohammad, married, mustard, etc.,

And to retrieve persons name where 5th letter is d and 7th letter is s and after s you can have any characters, then use,

select * from PERSONS where personname like '_ _ _ _ d_s%'

Ex: kalidas.

Ali said:   9 years ago
Using the _ Wildcard.

Now we want to select the persons with a first name that starts with any character, followed by "la" from the "Persons" table. We use the following SELECT statement:

SELECT * FROM Persons WHERE FirstName LIKE '_la'

Vikas said:   1 decade ago
Like keyword used two wildcard 1. '_' for single character, 2. '%'for multiple character.

Shikha said:   1 decade ago
Yes @baburao and @bipin explained this very closely. Thats right and I agree with them.

Bipin said:   1 decade ago
Wildcard means %text enclosed with single quote.

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