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Prior to 1970, all data was stored in separate files, which were mostly stored on reels of magnetic tape.
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Satyajit Goswami said:   7 years ago
Magnetic tapes are memory storage for storage.

Nitesh Nanda said:   8 years ago
Magnetic tape an information storage medium consisting of a magnetic coating on a flexible backing in tape form.

Gyan maurya said:   8 years ago
Please explain clear definition of magnetic tape.

Nilesh said:   1 decade ago
Also the same concept was used in the turing machne where the turing machine reads data from the Magnetic tape and accordingly it was taking the decision.

Vandhana said:   1 decade ago
Magnetic tapes stores data in sequential manner.

Abikrithi said:   1 decade ago
Magnetic tapes are used for storage purpose in early days..A device that stores computer data on magnetic tape is a tape drive..tape drive uses motors to wind the tape from one reel to another, passing tape heads to read, write or erase as it moves.

Srinivasulu said:   1 decade ago
What is the magnetic tapes? can you please explain with examples?

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