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Applications are programs that interact directly with the database.
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Atul said:   8 years ago
The application never interacts directly with the database because there is database interface layer between application & database.

Kokilavani.c said:   10 years ago
DBMS is database and database application. DBMS can interact directly with database. But the database can't directly interact with database application.

"Using interface only database interact with database application".

Tisha Puri said:   10 years ago
Between the application and database. There is an interface called dbms.

Kishor dasari said:   1 decade ago
Application program not connect directly to SQL with help of interface like (ODBC, JDBC).

Priti Tiwari said:   1 decade ago
With DBMS like SQL server, applications access database. They can't access database directly.

Siddhesh Latkar said:   1 decade ago
For security reasons, its only dbms that directly with database.

Rambabu Saini said:   1 decade ago
Yes, it is the DBMS which directly interacts with the database.

Aaru said:   1 decade ago
Its not application but DBMS which interacts with the database.

Mini said:   1 decade ago
What Anoop said is exactly right.

Anoop and dev said:   1 decade ago
Applications never interect with database directly because of the security reason, so we have to open a particular database and then make interections to it.

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