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Microsoft Access is an enterprise-class database product.
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Satyavan adhiyol said:   5 years ago
Microsoft access normally used in when we create basic level web site or application. But enterprise level in microsoft access are not work properly. Also, Microsoft access is used as a local server. So it's not used in enterprise applications.

Sanyukta said:   1 decade ago
Microsoft access used for just simple paper presentation purpose means its not enterprise level product due to lack of security. Please someone solve this question ?

Might help u said:   1 decade ago
Most organizations have different levels of responsibility. That level often determines how IT fulfills a need (or if at all). For instance, most databases have one purpose and often, just one user. The database sits on the user's system and no one else sees it, uses it, or even knows it exists. For these users, Access is a flexible and quick solution. At the top of the organization are the enterprise needs, which are more critical and require more sophisticated and powerful tools. The organization depends on these solutions and they are usually complex and expensive to develop and maintain. Its not that handy for complex work.

Nill said:   1 decade ago
please explain this.........

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