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The purpose of a database is to help people stop using spreadsheets.
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Chris said:   10 years ago
I answered yes that a database is an effort to get people to stop using spreadsheets.

The real purpose according to me of a database is to create a taxonomy of terms for data, dissect the data into the smallest searchable bits or reduce the data into its elements, and place that data into stable fields for searching later, and then from programming language use, create reports which search and communicate about the data, including calculations which take the data and make new data.

I inform people that a database CONTAINS DATA, keeps the data from slipping around or being modified, as it can happen to data in a spreadsheet.

But it is TRUE that many databases have been designed to keep people from storing data inappropriately in spreadsheets.

Salesforce is such a database. The success of a CLOUD database is all about compelling compliance from the user to report on the data he or she is making, say in SALES.

Sanyukta said:   1 decade ago
Means purpose of db is to help peoples but not to stop the use of spreadsheet. Isn't it?

Raju said:   1 decade ago
A computer program used for accounting purposes & is not secure.

Ramlal said:   1 decade ago
What is mean by spreadsheets ?

Surender said:   1 decade ago

Purpose of database is to organize data, save data, & access data in easy & fastest way.

Niharika said:   1 decade ago
Please give explanation for this.

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