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Because it contains a description of its own structure, a database is considered to be ________ .
metadata compatible
an application program
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Moxco tenten said:   6 years ago
Self-describing of the database means it fully describe and illustrate its structure and whole content while metadata is the main attribute (uniquely identifiable) describing other attributes of the data not DB.

Bhavya said:   8 years ago
No one gives the exact reason why the database is self-description. Please, someone tells the answer. I too thought it was metadata compatibility.

Santosh Pakhare said:   9 years ago
Example of metadata: A web page may include metadata specifying what language it is written in, what tools were used to create it, and where to go for more on the subject, allowing browsers to automatically improve the experience of users.

Sanjay kumar said:   10 years ago
Metadata means describing properties of other data i.e. a specific data not the structure of whole database whereas self-describing means describing its own structure not the specific data.

Kiran said:   10 years ago
I couldn't get why metadata is not the answer. As metadata means 'data about the data' and the question asks for self description so I think metadata should be the answer. If not then tell me the reason.

Milan Gondaliya said:   1 decade ago
Metadata management is a key component to the success of DW/BI initiatives; however, many information management professionals struggle to evolve their metadata management practices to an enterprise discipline.

Ashish Sharma said:   1 decade ago
I know meta data, means that data about data but its not cleared definition. Please anybody explain this definition with example.

Abhigyan said:   1 decade ago
Why metadata compatible is not a valid answer ?

Rafee said:   1 decade ago
What is the difference between meta data database and self describing database?

Shad hasan said:   1 decade ago
Meta data is data about data means description of data. I didn't self describing terminology in DB.

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