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The DBMS acts as an interface between what two components of an enterprise-class database system?
Database application and the database
Data and the database
The user and the database application
Database application and SQL
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Mwita Jeremiah mwita said:   10 months ago
The Correct answer is A, because DBMS is the system that manages the database, it means the base of data is not directly connected to the user but there is an application that we call a database application, which is used by the user so that he/she can access the base of data.

Krish said:   2 years ago
Good question. Thanks.

Ashwani said:   3 years ago
Why the option c is not valid? Anyone explain.

Mxolisi said:   4 years ago
Database is the collection of related data that are held in a database where the users of that database can manipulate it.

Tanvi said:   5 years ago
Database is an organised collection of related information. A database ia the management were its help the maintain of control of data. A DBMS can thus be denifed as a program that manage database easily, effciently and accrately.

Sikona said:   5 years ago
Database is a collection of related data, typically stored in a disk and accessible by many users while database management system is a software that create, store and manipulate data.

Sai said:   5 years ago
The database is used to store the data and it hides data.

Senghh said:   6 years ago
No, a database is what collects data and stores it numerically, thanks for your time and business.

Loth said:   7 years ago
DBMS Is the activity that helps in defining, creating, manipulating, retrieved, processing, of data from the database.

Kedir said:   7 years ago
DBMS is a software package used for providing efficient, convenient & safe multi-user & access to massive amount of persistent data.

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