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Helping people keep track of things is the purpose of a(n) ________ .
Answer: Option
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Mousumi shaw said:   8 years ago
Table, relation, instance all are including in database.

Bipasha Saha said:   8 years ago
a(n) refers to either a or an.

Akash dinkar said:   8 years ago
What is meaning of a(n) please help me?

Deepakshi Sharma said:   10 years ago
Other options are the components of the database.

Naga sai said:   10 years ago
Except database and the remaining options are the components of database. Table is a logical structure and instance is an current position etc., and when two tables are related b/w primary key and foreign key.

Deepthi said:   1 decade ago
Database nothing but used to store the data. Keeping track of information says that collecting. Collecting is done to preserve nothing but to store hence its comes under database.

Gaurav sharma said:   1 decade ago
DataBase is used for keeping the records of any employ and the instnance table and relationship are used for same purpose but it is the componenets of data base.

J.Uma Maheswari said:   1 decade ago
DataBase is used to keep track of all information

Yogesh Agrawal said:   1 decade ago
Other options are components of database.

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