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Using the SQL GROUP BY phrase with a SELECT statement can help detect which of the following problems?
The multivalue, multicolumn problem
The inconsistent values problem
The missing values problem
The general-purpose remarks column problem
Answer: Option
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Rakesh said:   1 decade ago
Firstly usage of group by in select statement is to get the content by reference with one column like.

Select max(esal) from emp group by dept;.

Then it gives us the max salary in department wise, We may have many employees are working in a department so we can organize it in department wise, by this we can get only the particular department details although we have the duplicate values in salary, so we get consistent data.

Divyans said:   1 decade ago
Please explain..

Archana said:   1 decade ago
Please explain me how.

Shikha said:   1 decade ago
Kindly explain how?

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