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Needing to using more complicated SQL in database applications is a(n) ________ of normalization.
either an advantage or disadvantage
neither an advantage nor disadvantage
Answer: Option
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Omkar said:   5 years ago
Please tell me in short about the normalization and dependecy and consistency in mysql.

Ranjeet said:   1 decade ago
When you normalize any table it is divided into one or more table to full fill the requirement of different normalization form and when you need to fetch data you have to perform joins between these tables because the columns now are at different tables.

In denormalize you just need to execute select query no joins.

Priti Tiwari said:   1 decade ago
Removing complexity means doing normalization. So complexity is only disadvantage and complexity is not required in database operations.

GSVM said:   1 decade ago
Because as we normalize a database, the INSERT, UPDATE & DELETE query is efficient to use and help in improving performance but performance becomes very low in large database when using SELECT query to retrieve data from a DB.

Sheetal said:   1 decade ago
Normalization means reducing redundancy that means only 1 entry for search data. And until that particular table is not find our search does not get completed.

Dileep jaiswal said:   1 decade ago
Complication decrease efficiency of the access data from the database.

Pranav gupta said:   1 decade ago
As soon as we reduce the redundancy by higher normalization, it also increase the complications.

Sunny said:   1 decade ago
please anyone can tell me why it so?

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