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Which type of entity represents a logical generalization whose actual occurrence is represented by a second, associated entity?
Supertype entity
Subtype entity
Archetype entity
Instance entity
Answer: Option
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Yuga said:   7 years ago
An entity instance is the representation of a particular entity. The archetype/instance pattern occurs when one entity tracks occurrences of another entity. A common example is a relationship between CLASS and SECTION, where the actual occurrence of a class happens when students register for a SECTION of that CLASS.

Yamini said:   1 decade ago
An Archetype Entity is based on a regular Entity and specifies individual parameter values for that Entity. If the value of an Archetype parameter is changed, all instances of that Archetype in the scene will be updated automatically.

Chandrakant said:   1 decade ago
What is Archetype entity? Please explain it.

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