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Which of the following statements is true concerning routines and triggers?

[A]. Both consist of procedural code.
[B]. Both have to be called to operate.
[C]. Both run automatically.
[D]. Both are stored in the database.

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Rohini said: (Mar 20, 2012)  
Triggers are called implicitly so y C option is not true..?

Venu said: (Apr 25, 2012)  
Triggers are executed automatically when an action. Modification occurs in data base.

Gopi Krishna said: (Apr 21, 2016)  
Routines: Sometimes called subroutines are set of command which is grouped and can be called whenever required. Routines are called with perform <SUBROUT_NAME> and created with form (subroutine_name) and form.
Its major function is to perform specific operation e.g. calculate interest. Parameters are passed to Subroutines.

DB Triggers: This is different in term of functionality. DB Triggers are fired whenever any DB event occurs. like change, add a record, dele record. but u may call routines in triggers.

So option A is the correct one.

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