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Which of the following statements is true concerning routines and triggers?
Both consist of procedural code.
Both have to be called to operate.
Both run automatically.
Both are stored in the database.
Answer: Option
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Gopi Krishna said:   7 years ago
Routines: Sometimes called subroutines are set of command which is grouped and can be called whenever required. Routines are called with perform <SUBROUT_NAME> and created with form (subroutine_name) and form.
Its major function is to perform specific operation e.g. calculate interest. Parameters are passed to Subroutines.

DB Triggers: This is different in term of functionality. DB Triggers are fired whenever any DB event occurs. like change, add a record, dele record. but u may call routines in triggers.

So option A is the correct one.

Venu said:   1 decade ago
Triggers are executed automatically when an action. Modification occurs in data base.

Rohini said:   1 decade ago
Triggers are called implicitly so y C option is not true..?

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