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The following table gives the sales of batteries manufactured by a company over the years.

Number of Different Types of Batteries Sold by a Company Over the Years (Numbers in Thousands)

Year Types of Batteries
4AH 7AH 32AH 35AH 55AH Total

What was the approximate percentage increase in the sales of 55AH batteries in 1998 compared to that in 1992?
Answer: Option

Required percentage
= [ (145 - 108) x 100 ] %
= 34.26%
~= 34%.

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Mathew panicker said:   1 decade ago
I normally get confused with taking the total sales in consideration.

I take the percetage share of battery of 55ah in 1998 & 1992 then do calculation which turns out to be wrong.

So help me out with the explaination.

What I do is 145/605*100 = 23% and 108/543*100 = 19%.

So percetage growth is 4% which is wrong.

Swathi said:   1 decade ago
We are dividing by 108 since in the question they have asked "the sales of 55AH batteries in 1998 compared to that in 1992?".

Here its been compared to 1992 55AH batteries.

So divide by 108.

Ganesh said:   1 decade ago
Applying % increase formula because we have to compare batteries from 1992 to 1998.

So actual increase i.e 37/original quantity*100.

145-108/108*100 = 34%.

Sameera said:   5 years ago
According to % rule, when we compare between 2 value then, we sub. 1st value into last value and divided by 1st value. So, here divided by 108 which a 1st value.

Snehal said:   1 decade ago
We have divided it by 108, because I believe in question it is asked to (compared to 1992) & in 1992, 108 sales is being done.

Latha said:   8 years ago
By using this formula you can understand @leo. %=((Final value-initial value)/(initial value))x100.

Dorji choden said:   5 years ago
Why should we divide by 108 when we can show the comparison from the subtraction itself?

Jennifer Karkada said:   3 years ago
Agree, @Swathi.

If it were to be compared by 1998, will it be 145-108/145*100?

Muyiwa99 said:   7 years ago
We are dividing by 108 because the question says compared to 1992 for 55Ah.

Pabitra said:   3 years ago
Why should we have to divide by 108 can somebody explain it in a clear way?

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