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Directions to Solve

The following table gives the percentage of marks obtained by seven students in six different subjects in an examination.

The Numbers in the Brackets give the Maximum Marks in Each Subject.

Student Subject (Max. Marks)
Maths Chemistry Physics Geography History Computer Science
(150) (130) (120) (100) (60) (40)

The number of students who obtained 60% and above marks in all subjects is?
Answer: Option

From the table it is clear that Sajal and Rohit have 60% or more marks in each of the six subjects.

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Daksh said:   11 months ago
Just find the percentages of one subject for all students means, first we should find the math percentages for all students. It will make it easy to solve fastly.

When you will go to find Math then you will get 3 students Ayush, Aman, Sajal. Now you have a max of three students only so repeat the same process for these 3 students.

Here, Rohit got below 60% in Math. And question says for all subject.

Thank You!

Sugan aron said:   11 months ago
I can't understand this.

Please give some clearity.

Sangay Dorji said:   2 years ago
Sajal got 60 out of 130. which mean he got 46% only from 100%.
And similar to Rohit.
Direct marks obtained is not converted to a percentage.
So, the answer is D. None is correct.

Sushant Agawane said:   2 years ago
Yes, you are right @Sundar. Thanks.

Shivkumar Dave said:   2 years ago
Right, Thanks @Prabal Singh.

Kezang said:   3 years ago

80 is in percentage and 40 is total marks.

So, 80/100 * 40= 32.
So, 32/40 * 100=80. Here the marks in the bracket are total marks, not the percentage. He got only 32 out of 40. So, when they convert into a percentage, he got 80% of 40.


Muskan said:   3 years ago
Thanks @Sundar.

Madhumitha said:   3 years ago
I can't understand. Please clear my doubt.

Rasika Modi said:   4 years ago
Rohit got 80 marks but 60% of 150 is 90. Then how he scored 60% marks in all subjects? Please tell me.

Ram said:   4 years ago

Here, the table gives the percentage of marks obtained by seven students in six different subjects not obtained mark.

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