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The following pie-chart shows the sources of funds to be collected by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) for its Phase II projects. Study the pie-chart and answers the question that follow.

Sources of funds to be arranged by NHAI for Phase II projects (in crores Rs.)

If the toll is to be collected through an outsourced agency by allowing a maximum 10% commission, how much amount should be permitted to be collected by the outsourced agency, so that the project is supported with Rs. 4910 crores?
Rs. 6213 crores
Rs. 5827 crores
Rs. 5401 crores
Rs. 5316 crores
Answer: Option

Amount permitted = (Funds required from Toll for projects of Phase II) +
   (10% of these funds)
= Rs. 4910 crores + Rs. (10% of 4910) crores
= Rs. (4910 + 491) crores
= Rs. 5401 crores.

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Dipankar kumar said:   2 years ago
4910 * 100/90 = 5455.55crores.

90% of 5455.55 crore is 4910 crores.

Aman Ahlawat said:   3 years ago
See, NHAI wants 4910 crores.

If you consider this as 90% and 10 % commission then it will mean that commission agency is getting commission on 4910 crores that is 9 percent as Well as commission on it's own commission 1 percent.

Mona said:   4 years ago
How 4910 is added? please explain it.

Twinkle joshi said:   5 years ago
Why 4910 added, please elaborate.

Vikesh said:   5 years ago
I am also getting 5455.55.

Agree @Kikelomo.

Ileri said:   6 years ago
Please, can someone explain it?

Sanchiox said:   8 years ago
If I understand well, It means there will be a 10% commission provision to keep the support at 4910. After the 10% is removed, the number must not reduce. 10% provision will mean adding 10% value to the existing value.

Sathya priya said:   8 years ago
How 4910 is added?

Preet said:   9 years ago
I have calculated the same way as @Kikelomo, can you please resolve the confusion?

Kikelomo Odimayo said:   1 decade ago
I am slightly confused.

You say the outsourced agency collects 10% commission therefore leaving the project with 90% of the total funds collected.

Therefore if the project needs to be supported with 4910 crores, doesn't this imply that of the total funds collected 90% of it should go to the project therefore
so the 100% value should be 4910/.9 = 5455.55 crores.

Your answer of 5401 crores means that after 10% is collected, the remaining value is 4860.9.

I apologise if my answer is incorrect but based on the question this is the result I came too and hence why I'm deeply puzzled.


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