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Answer the questions based on the given line graph.

Ratio of Exports to Imports (in terms of money in Rs. crores) of Two Companies Over the Years

If the imports of Company A in 1997 were increased by 40 percent, what would be the ratio of exports to the increased imports?
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Answer: Option

In 1997 for Company A we have:

E = 1.75     i.e.,     E = 1.75I

where E amount of exports, I = amount of imports of Company A in 1997.

Now, the required imports I1 = I + 40% of I = 1.4I.

Therefore Required ratio = E = 1.75I = 1.25.
I1 1.4I

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Hossam said:   2 years ago
1.4i get from that it increase by 40% , so 100%+40% = 140 % = 1.4.

So we say that (new import = 1.4 old import).

Chiti said:   6 years ago
Here it is:
40% of I is 40/100 of I=40I/100.
Now 40 increase to I=I+40I/100.
=(100I +40I)/100,

Sudeep Rawat said:   6 years ago
40 percent of Import can be calculated as 40 percent of I which becomes = 0.40 I.

Now add this 0.40 I to I i.e 1 I. It can be written as 1 I + 0.40 I = 1.40 I or any zero on right side of any digit after decimal can be ignored and this can be written as 1.4 I.

Vanshika said:   7 years ago
Please anyone explain this.

Switi said:   7 years ago
Please. Give a shortcut to find the answer.

Shilpi said:   8 years ago
100+40% increase equal 1.4.

Preeti said:   8 years ago
From where 1.4I come?

Vijay Kansal said:   9 years ago
Unable to understand.

Priya said:   9 years ago
Please explain any easy method for this question. I can't follow the answer for this.

Please help me.

ANWAR KHAN said:   9 years ago
I have required So much. Question whose are asked in aptitude.

And these are also very good.

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