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The following line graph gives the ratio of the amounts of imports by a company to the amount of exports from that company over the period from 1995 to 2001.

Ratio of Value of Imports to Exports by a Company Over the Years.

The imports were minimum proportionate to the exports of the company in the year ?
Answer: Option

The imports are minimum proportionate to the exports implies that the ratio of the value of imports to exports has the minimum value.

Now, this ratio has a minimum value 0.35 in 1997, i.e., the imports are minimum proportionate to the exports in 1997.

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Prakash k said:   1 year ago
import/export = 65/100 =0.65,
85/100 = 0.85,
35/100 = 0.35,
125/100 = 1.25
As there is less import proportion in 0.35, Hence 1997 is the answer.

Nidup sanji said:   3 years ago
Minimum proportionate means less proportionate meaning more difference between imports and exports.

More the exports compared to imports lesser values. Ex. 1/2=0. 5 and 1/3=0. 33. Clearly, it shows that exports (denominator) are inversely proportional that is less proportionate.

Kiran8949 said:   4 years ago
Import is directly proportional to ratio. So, the least ration will be the least import.

Anitha said:   9 years ago
Given that ratio of imports and exports were given, but the answer is the least percent (0.35). How?

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