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The total of the first three deficit countries (in Rs. crores) = 3594.3. The total of next five deficit countries (in Rs. crores) = 2588.5. The total of the last five deficit countries (in Rs. crores) = 334.2.

Cumulative Trade Deficit/Surplus of Countries for the Year 2006 - 2007 (All figures in Rs. Crores).

The ratio of the deficit of the first five deficit countries to the overall deficit of all the deficit countries is nearly equal to ?
Answer: Option
The required answer is (4885.2/6517) = 0.7496
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Arihant said:   7 years ago
Hello guys.

It's simple, it's given that the total of LAST 5 deficit countries is 334.2$ which is understood that it means deficit of the following countries Netherlands, China, Japan, Australia & Namibia the total deficit of these countries is 334.2 mill $ the FIRST five countries is Pakistan, Bangladesh, Oman, Nigeria, & India.

Garima said:   8 years ago
Can anyone explain it in detail please?

Payal said:   8 years ago
0.75 answer is right.

Total deficit countries is 6516.9$.

Bbbb said:   9 years ago
I agree. The correct answer is A.

AAAA said:   1 decade ago
sir your answer is wrong. total of the deficit countries is 6889$.
so the ratio comes out to be .70. therefore the answer should be (A).

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