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The following bar chart represents the GDP of different countries during the half decades 2001 - 2005 and 2006 - 2010. All figures are in Rs. billion.

GDP of Various Countries


The GDP of UAE is what fraction of GDP of the UK for the decade (approximately) ?

[A]. (1/4)th
[B]. (1/5)th
[C]. (1/6)th
[D]. Data inadequate

Answer: Option B


(10/50) = 20% = (1/5)th

Sai Dheeraj said: (Jan 20, 2018)  
Can Anyone explain why 10? and not 15?

Vinay Singh said: (Feb 1, 2018)  
Because Russia's gdp during 2001-05 is 10.

Rishav said: (Feb 19, 2020)  
Question doesn't specify a particular decade so answer should be data insufficient.

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