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Chaudhary Ajit Singh, who has passed away, was the founder of which political party?
Rashtriya Janata Dal
Ambedkar Samaj Party
Rashtriya Lok Dal
Bahujan Samaj Party
Answer: Option
The Former Union Minister and Rashtriya Lok Dal founder and leader Ajit Singh has passed away battling COVID-19.
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Ayu said:   5 months ago
Thanks everyone.

Mahima said:   6 months ago
Very useful, thanks for giving the information.

Dimple Shirpurkar said:   10 months ago
Excellent, Thanks for the information.

Ishwar said:   10 months ago
When he passes away? Please explain.

Malini said:   2 years ago
Excellent, Thanks.

Rasmi Das said:   2 years ago

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