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  • Obituary - Latest Current Affairs

Which of the following judges passed away recently?

A. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
B. Clarence Thomas
C. Brett Kavanagh
D. Elena Kagan

Answer: Option A


US Supreme court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an iconic champion of women's rights, has died of cancer at the age of 87.


Which iconic interior designer passed away recently?

A. Rajeev Sethi
B. Shamita Shetty
C. Elizabeth Kerkar
D. Gauri Khan

Answer: Option C


An iconic interior designer best known for her fine work with The Taj Mahal hotel and other Taj properties, Elizabeth Kerkar passes away at the age of 80.


Who was RBI's shortest service governor, who recently passed away?

A. Bimal Jalan
B. D. Subbarao
C. Amitabha Ghosh
D. R.N. Malhotra

Answer: Option C


On September 15, 2020 Amitabha Ghosh, former governor of RBI passed away at the age of 90.


What was the name of the author of "Forrest gump", who recently passed away?

A. Winston Groom
B. Jonathan Franzen
C. Harper Lee
D. Thomas Pynchon

Answer: Option A


American novelist and journalist Winston Groom, the author of "Forrest Gump", passed away at the age of 77 at Alabama, USA.


Amitabha Ghosh passed away, he was the shortest-serving Governor of the which Institute?


Answer: Option C


The shortest-serving Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Amitabha Ghosh passed away. He had served as the 16th Governor of the Reserve Bank of India for 21 days between January 15, 1985, to February 4, 1985. It was a stop-gap arrangement when Amitabha Ghosh was serving as a deputy governor of RBI and waiting to hand over charge to the 17th RBI Governor R N Malhotra.