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What is the estimated age of the recently unveiled lakeside village in Lake Ohrid?
Around 1,000 years old
Around 4,000 years old
Around 6,000 years old
Around 8,000 years old
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Archaeologists have recently unveiled Europe’s oldest lakeside village, submerged beneath the waters of Lake Ohrid, also known as the “Pearl of the Balkans.” This ancient settlement, estimated to be around 8,000 years old, is located on the Albanian side of the lake and was built on stilts due to regular flooding.

In which country did archaeologists excavate and discover the remains of a young "vampire" child buried face down and secured to the earth with a padlock?
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Archaeologists unearthed the remains of a "vampire" child buried in a unique manner in the village of Pień, Poland. The burial site revealed evidence of anti-vampiric measures, providing insights into historical superstitious beliefs and practices.

What are the primary factors contributing to the declining population of African penguins?
Overpopulation and urbanization
Overfishing and environmental shifts in the Indian Ocean
Excessive hunting by predators
Lack of suitable nesting sites
Answer: Option
The declining population is attributed to overfishing and environmental shifts in the Indian Ocean, leading to a scarcity of their primary food sources.

What is the potential link highlighted by recent research from George Washington University between early-life lead exposure and a specific outcome?
Higher risk of criminal behaviour
Enhanced cognitive abilities
Greater physical strength
Increased risk of mental health issues
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The research focuses on the potential connection between early-life lead exposure and an increased risk of criminal behaviour in adulthood.

How many arms does the Antarctic Strawberry Feather Star possess?
10 arms
15 arms
20 arms
25 arms
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The Antarctic Strawberry Feather Star has 20 arms. It has been discovered in the Antarctica Ocean. These creatures, existing at depths ranging from 65 to 65,000 feet, boast unique swimming behaviour.