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On which date is the Goa Liberation Day 2023 celebrated?
December 19
November 21
December 15
February 10
Answer: Option
December 19, 2023, marks the 62nd anniversary of Goa Liberation Day, a significant occasion that commemorates the state's liberation from Portuguese colonial rule.

On which date is International Migrants Day 2023 observed?
December 18
November 21
January 15
February 9
Answer: Option
International Migrants Day is observed annually on December 18, providing a global platform to recognize and appreciate the substantial contributions of migrants while addressing the challenges they encounter.

When is the International Day of Neutrality observed annually?
December 17
October 8
September 22
December 12
Answer: Option
The International Day of Neutrality is observed globally on December 12, emphasizing the promotion of global peace, sovereignty, and conflict resolution through diplomatic means, as recognized by the United Nations.

On which date is Vijay Diwas observed every year, commemorating India's triumph in the 1971 war against Pakistan?
December 18
November 14
December 16
January 26
Answer: Option
Vijay Diwas is observed annually on December 16, commemorating the valour and sacrifice of the Indian armed forces during the 1971 war against Pakistan, which led to the creation of Bangladesh.

On which date did the terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament take place?
November 30, 2001
December 6, 2001
December 13, 2001
December 18, 2001
Answer: Option
The terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament occurred on December 13, 2001, when five terrorists entered the Parliament House Complex and engaged in a firefight with security personnel.