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The Indian navy has joined the "Iran-Russia Maritime Security Belt 2021". The exercise has been organized in which region?

A. Pacific Ocean
B. Arctic Ocean
C. South China Sea
D. Indian Ocean

Answer: Option D


The India has joined Iran and Russia in the naval exercise dubbed as "Iran-Russia Maritime Security Belt 2021", which kicked-off in the northern part of the Indian Ocean.


Which is the battle tank has been handed over by the Prime Minister to the Indian Army?

A. Arjun
B. Al-Khalid
C. Ajeya
D. Bhishma

Answer: Option A


The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has handed over the indigenous main battle tank Arjun Mk-1A to the Army.


What is the projected GDP of India in Fy21, as per the Japanese brokerage Nomura?

A. -8.7 percent
B. -6.7 percent
C. -7.7 percent
D. -9.7 percent

Answer: Option B


The brokerage expects the real GDP of India to contract by 6.7 percent in FY21 (2020-21).


Which country has organized the multinational maritime exercise, Aman?

A. Pakistan
B. China
C. Iran
D. Iraq

Answer: Option A


The Pakistan Navy has conducted the multinational maritime exercise Aman with 45 countries.


Which Indian force has signed a contract with the Titagarh Wagon for constructing five DSCs?

A. Indian Navy
B. Indian Army
C. Indian Air Force
D. Indian Coast Guard

Answer: Option A


The Indian Navy has signed a contract for construction of five Diving Support Craft (DSC) with Titagarh Wagons Ltd, Kolkata.