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Who has been awarded with bharati award 2020?

A. Prem Gopal
B. Jaganmohan Reddy
C. Seeni Viswanathan
D. Yash Chaudhari

Answer: Option C


The writer and author Seeni Vishwanathan who made a voluminous compendium on Subramanya Bharati has been awarded with Bharati Award 2020.


Who has won social Entrepreneur of the year award, India 2020?

A. Ashraf Patel
B. Ratan Tata
C. Roshni Nadar
D. Armaan Malhotra

Answer: Option A


Ashraf Patel, the founder member and Board member of Pravah and ComMutiny - The Youth Collective (CYC) has been declared as the winner of the Social Entrepreneur of the Year (SEOY) Award - India 2020.


Who has been declared as the winner the Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay Book Prize 2020?

A. Amit Ahuja
B. Jairam Ramesh
C. Ramesh Ahuja
D. Both A and B

Answer: Option D


Amit Ahuja and Jairam Ramesh were declared winners of the Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay NIF Book Prize 2020.


Who Becomes first Non-Indian to win Ramanujan Prize for Young Mathematicians?

A. Ritibrata Munshi
B. Adam Harper
C. Carolina Araujo
D. Jack Thorne

Answer: Option C


The Ramanujan Prize for Young Mathematicians 2020 has been awarded to Carolina Araujo, Mathematician.


For which novel Raj Kamal Jha won 3rd Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize 2020?

A. She Will Build Him A City
B. Short Fiction in Es war einmal
C. If You Are Afraid of Heights
D. The City and The Sea

Answer: Option D


The winner of Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize 2020 is The City and the Sea by Raj Kamal Jha, a novel based on the atrocious (Nirbhaya) case of sexual assault and murder, that brought India together in a moral frenzy.