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Which of the following statement is correct about the references?
A reference must always be initialized within functions.
A reference must always be initialized outside all functions.
A reference must always be initialized.
Both A and C.
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Sukkha said:   8 months ago
Why D is not the answer? Please explain it.

Tom said:   2 years ago
If a reference must always be initialized, then isn't A also true? References within functions must always be initialized because references must always be initialized.

Prashant Srivastava said:   6 years ago
It will be compilation error if you don't initialize the reference at the point of declaration. for e.g

int main(void)
int a =11;
int &b;
The above code wont compile unless we put the statement as int &b =a; instead of int &b;

Divya said:   7 years ago
Why, can any one explain it?

Kushal said:   8 years ago
Its not necessary let it print garbage value.

Shristy said:   9 years ago
Because if we will not initialize the reference, it will take garbage value.

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