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cout is a/an __________ .
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Pratik said:   5 years ago
cout is an object of STDOUT class which is already in iostream header file.

Rahul said:   7 years ago
Std::cout and std::cin are global objects of classes std::ostream and std::istream, which they've overloaded operator << and >>. You should read about operator overloading. The Cout is the object of type ostream. Cin is the object of type istream.

Pranil said:   7 years ago
How its an object? Please explain.

Meester anony said:   9 years ago
Cout is when someone tries saying caught but doesn't know how to pronounce it properly.

Rohini said:   9 years ago
cout is an object because it is an object of ostream and we use the header file <iostream> here. It allows both input and output operations.

Kiran said:   9 years ago
cout is an object of ostream & cin is a object of istream.

Sabari said:   9 years ago
var = cout<<something twist this is return any thing because its a function.

Rajasekhar said:   9 years ago
<< is an operator which can print data on a console.

"<<" is an operator that can be overloaded in such a way that can print data on console in ostream class.

cout is an object, when ever cout << "Raja sekhar"; executes.

Compiler class as cout.operator<< (.).

Manish Jatiwal said:   9 years ago
cout is object of class ostream.

cin is object of class istream.

Extraction and insertion are operator.

Pritesh said:   9 years ago
Give definition of object.

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