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For automatic objects, constructors and destructors are called each time the objects
enter and leave scope
inherit parent class
are constructed
are destroyed
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Sagar said:   1 decade ago
What are automatic objects?

Nadim Ahmad said:   1 decade ago
Really... What is automatic object...?

Nagnath Panchal said:   1 decade ago
Please any one can explain me what are the automatic object ?

Kashish said:   10 years ago
What is automatic object?

SuneelKumar M said:   10 years ago
What are automatic objects?

Bhargavi said:   10 years ago
What is automatic object?

Normally we create classes then only object is created.

Diya said:   10 years ago
What is that automatic object?

Thatha said:   10 years ago
Jaffa old fox is meaning of automatic fox.

Jackode said:   9 years ago
I guess something like:

void function (){
class {...} a;

// use a here

a is automatic object that constructed and destructed in scope of function.

Neha said:   9 years ago
It is said in Stroustrup
"An object constructed by explicit or implicit use of a constructor is automatic and will be destroyed at the first opportunity.".

So if I define a new object of any class using a new function.

Will it still be considered automatic and be deleted ?

or would it be saved in the heap such that it will be deleted only using delete
command ?

className objName = new(className); //this is what I have in mind.

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