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You are the administrator of a Windows 2000 Server computer that has one hard disk. This computer runs a custom application that writes a large number of small temporary files in a single directory to support request from client computers. To improve performance of the application, you add three new 100-GB SCSI disks to the server to hold these temporary files. You want to ensure that the application can use all 300 GB of space with a single drive letter. You also want to ensure the fastest possible performance when writing the temporary files. How should you configure the three disks?

[A]. Convert all three disks to dynamic disks. Create a striped volume
[B]. Convert all three disks to dynamic disks. Create a RAID-5 volume
[C]. Create a single volume on each of the three disks. Format each volume as NTFS. Mount the roots of Disk 2 and Disk 3 in the root folder of Disk 1
[D]. Create a single volume on Disk 1. Format the volume as NTFS. Extend the volume to create a spanned volume that includes the space on all three disks
[E]. None of above

Answer: Option A


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