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Discussion :: Windows 2000 Server - Section 1 (Q.No.3)


Your company's network includes Windows 3.1 client computers, Windows 95 client computers, and Windows 2000 Professional client computers. The company's manufacturing facilities run 24 hours per day. The company has developed its own 32-bit application that collects information from the manufacturing process so that workers on one shift can find out that was manufactured during the previous shift. The company wants to make the application available on all of the client computers by using Terminal Service on a Windows 2000 Server computer. This server will not run as a domain controller. You install Terminal Services. The information technology (IT) department needs to be able to remote control users' sessions to support and troubleshoot the application. What should you do to enable the IT department to control users' sessions?

[A]. Configure the Terminal server to run in Remote Administration mode
[B]. Grant the IT department Full Control permission to the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on the Terminal server
[C]. Add the members of the IT department to the Power Users group on the Terminal server
[D]. Use third-party software to enable remote control of users' sessions
[E]. None of above

Answer: Option B


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