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Discussion :: Windows 2000 Server - Section 1 (Q.No.12)


You are the network administrator for your company. Mike Nash is a member of the Administration group, and Nate Sun is a member of the Intern group. Both groups are in the same domain. On the intranet server, the Administration group is placed in the Security group, and the Intern group is placed in the Nonsecurity group. The Security group is then granted Full Control permission for the Sales virtual directory. Nate needs to update new sales information that is located on the Sales virtual directory. What should you do so that Nate can perform this task?

[A]. Enable Anonymous access for the intranet server
[B]. Enable Anonymous access for the Sales virtual directory
[C]. Remove Nate fmm the Intern group
[D]. Make Nate a member of the Security group
[E]. None of above

Answer: Option D


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