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Which command is used to print a file?

[A]. print
[B]. prn
[C]. pg
[D]. lp
[E]. None of the above

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Sarita said: (May 21, 2012)  
pr command is used for file printing

Kondareddy said: (Nov 9, 2015)  
For the question answer is 5. None of above. Because the correct answer is lpr cmd.

Rohit said: (Dec 1, 2015)  
lp and lpr both are used.

Chuk said: (Nov 28, 2021)  
lp- line print(to print a file).
lpr- to submit files for printing.
lprm- to remove files from the printing queue.
lpq- to list files in the printing queue.

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