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Which option is used with rm command to make the command prompt the user with each filename and a ?, before acting on it

[A]. -r
[B]. -x
[C]. -i
[D]. -1
[E]. None of the above

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Sumit said: (Oct 10, 2011)  
Please explain me.

Ganesh said: (Jan 16, 2012)  
-i stands for 'interactive'
It is used with various commmands like rm,cp

Jyoti Nagpal said: (Feb 19, 2012)  
If we use '-i' option with 'rm' command then the system will ask for confirmation before deleting the file.

Karthika said: (Jun 22, 2012)  
-i means interactive, if -i used with rm means it will ask the user for confirmation before deletion.

Dheeraj Godwani said: (Sep 8, 2012)  
If -i is attached with rm then editor will ask on command line whether to delete it like yes/no... which is called interactive.

S.R.R. said: (Mar 14, 2013)  
-r, which removes directories, removing the contents recursively beforehand (so as not to leave files without a directory to reside in) ("recursive").

-i, which asks for every deletion to be confirmed ("interactive").

-f, which ignores non-existent files and overrides any confirmation prompts ("force") , although it will not remove files from a directory if the directory is write protected.

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