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[A]. is a device that performs a sequence of operations specified by instructions in memory.
[B]. is the device where information is stored
[C]. is a sequence of instructions
[D]. is typically characterized by interactive processing and time-slicing of the CPU's time to allow quick response to each user.
[E]. None of the above

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Gaurang said: (Nov 22, 2013)  
How could memory be a device?

Ainnie said: (Mar 25, 2015)  
Memory is not a device.

Sachchidanand said: (Jun 10, 2015)  
Memory is physical location where data can be stored, it is not a device.

Sairaj said: (Jul 22, 2015)  
Memory can't be a device. I think it is sequence of instructions.

Mahesh said: (Jun 8, 2016)  
Memory is not a device but in memory we stored the data that means memory have some space like as our phones.

So the given answer is correct.

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